What is Intuition?

The word intuition comes from Latin verb intueri which is translated as to look inside or to contemplate.


It is the ability to understand something within the subconscious that expands beyond the need for rationale.


For example, you "know" to go down a certain road instead of your normal route thus avoiding a traffic jam - this is intuition.



My special story:

I come from a family of intuitives - those driven by a sense of "knowing". 


I have learned from amazing coaches and mentors how to use this sense to make my life everything I ever wanted and I can't wait to show you how too!


Life can be shiny again - brand new and full of the gloss that true enjoyment of a good life can bring.  Yes there may be trials and complexities and it doesn't all get solved with just happy thoughts and sunshine.  It takes daily reminders, enlightened thinking and listening to your own intuition.


One of the ways I most enjoy to inspire is through seminars and speaking on my talk show with great guests that keep me inspired and therefore you too!


Shop around on my site and I look forward to giving you a "Shiny Shot" soon.