Terms and Conditons of Service - updated September, 2016


Sherry “The Shiny Shot” Shone – An Introduction


I am glad and grateful to begin work with you! Before we can begin our appointment we must go through the lay of the land – similar to before going on a trip its important to read the map. Please read over the information below and let's discuss any questions or concerns. Once receiving your signature, client profile and payment we will get started. I am excited to seeing how the Law of Abundance and my other modalities will work with you to help you find information to make you Shiny!




I specialize in helping to inform my clients of options that may assist them in all aspects of life within their personal belief systems. I may connect with your own spiritual guides to receive messages and information, other times we may review cartomancy images to encourage creativity within meditations and visualizations, it depends upon the information you are seeking.


The modalities below I have been trained in and have used in my own personal practice for abundance and wellness. I have helped my clients to receive the information they need to start businesses, lose weight, receive promotions, and achieve other goals. To work with you it is important to understand that each consultation is custom to meet your needs. In general, I may use any of the following modalities:


  • Receiving messages from spiritual guides or self through meditations

  • Affirmative actions or statements

  • Emotional Freedom Technique – Tapping **this technique may involve physical touch**

  • Active Listening

  • Music, aroma, or art meditation and visualizations

  • Open eyed and closed eyed meditations

  • Cartomancy trans-formative messages

  • Gemstones, herbs and essential oils healings

  • Journeying

  • Coaching – life, career, or well being



This information may come as messages, solutions, or forecasts for the current or future state (which are in no way guaranteed or implied facts).

This information is for YOU as my client. I do not read or provide consulting services for others that have not scheduled an appointment or session with me. For example, I will not read for your family members, friends, employers/employees etc. without their expressed (verbal or written) consent during our session nor will I send messages to them thru you. 

I am the owner and operator of this business under the name “dba” Sherry Shone.


I am the owner and operator of the Meetup group “Metaphysics with a Twist” and conduct meetups, seminars and classes under this group name.


As a hostess of Fairs, Seminars, and Classes I have no employees of Good Advice with Sherry Shone, dba Sherry Shone or Metaphysics with a Twist (MWAT) meetup. Participants and/or speakers, and/or vendors are independent businesses or individuals and shall be contacted for any questions or disputes.

Code of Ethics


Sessions are informational in nature and will not take the place of a diagnosed or treatment from a qualified professional (such as a licensed therapist, lawyer, accountant, or physician).


My client information is kept confidential and I do not discuss the nature or conversations of our readings.


I will notify the proper professional authority (licensed therapist, healthcare professionals, or police) if I feel that our conversation will cause harm to other persons – even yourself.


I may request to record our appointment to provide you a copy for your own personal use that will be held on my secured server for a period of 7 business days. You will receive a link to this address. I am not responsible for unauthorized access to this audio recording.


If you wish to make your own audio or photographic images at our appointment – feel free to do so. These are yours for your own personal use. If you distribute to others, I require that my permission is obtained prior to distribution.


Violence, threatened violence, or other illegal conduct is not permitted and will be reported to law enforcement authorities.


I will do my best to treat you as you would like to be treated. As part of this process, I require honesty, respect, and professional courtesy in our appointment.


I do require payment at the time of services. My hourly appointment rate is $125. A sliding scale fee is available and must be discussed and agreed upon before the appointment begins.

Home blessing and ritual rates are commensurate upon the size of the property and the complexity of what is encountered when I do a scan of the spirits and entitities of the home. Also, there may be additional fees for subcontractor healers as I feel appropriate.


You are never required to purchase additional consultations or products as part of our consultation services.


Meetups, classes and seminars may have their own fees and will be posted well before the starting date of the class. Payment is required at the time of services (as applicable).


I make every attempt to be physically and mentally present and request that you are as well. I do not conduct appointments under any influence of drugs and alcohol.


I request that any electronic devices are muted or turned off (exceptions for the purposes of personal listening as described above).


I will not continue consultations with clients that appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


I request that our consultations begin on time unless arrangements have been made 24 hours prior. Failure to make our agreed upon appointments may result in a failure to continue receiving readings.


I request that I have accurate information on all clients for my accounting and administrative use in a secured confidential location.

I may refer you to qualified professionals and resources to continue your journey and path.


I may cancel the appointment, and offer a refund at any time during the appointment if this is the best option.